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Friday, 31 July 2009

Cross Stitch Charts For Trade

I have a few cross stitch charts from old magazines that I no longer want. Anyway, I'll put a list up for anyone who wants to trade them for some smaller designs. Sorry, but I don't have the magazine edition number, or dates as they've been removed from the magazines for easier storage.

Doll's House - Cross Stitch Collection - chart but no key

Plain Sailing - Cross Stitch Collection

Natures Year - Cross Stitch Collection

Home Sweet Home Sampler - Quick and Easy (Red design)

French Village - WCOS

Blue And White Sampler - WCOS

Victorian Lady - WCOS

Golden Jubilee Sampler - Cross Stitcher - May 2002

Topiary Garden Sampler - WCOS

Stitch - Dermot O' Leary
Jamie Oliver
Prince William
Nigel Harman
Hugh Grant

Stitch A Star - The Two Ronnies
David Dickinson
Olivia Newton John and John Travolta
Kat Slater
Orlando Bloom
Morcambe and Wise

Persian Footstool - WCOS

Elegant Tall Ship - WCOS

Concorde Picture - WCOS

Lavender Field - Cross Stitch Crazy

A Country Cottage - Free pull-out chart from Cross Stitch Collection - August 04

Masked Lady - WCOS

Peacock Footstool - Cross Stitch Gold

Floral Design - No. 46 - Jul/Aug 2004

The Legend of the dragon - Cross Stitch Collection

Out of Africa - Chart only, no key - Cross Stitcher

Celtic Chess Board - Cross Stitcher

Ocean Spray - Cross Stitch Collection

Dragon in the Burning Heat - Giant pull-out chart - Cross Stitch Collection

Modern Flowers - Cross Stitch Gold

The Barky (Ship) - WCOS

Combine Harvester - Cross Stitch Gallery - Jul/Aug 04

Poppy Lady - WCOS

Eastern Charms - Japanese Ladies - Cross Stitcher - Aug 04

Exotic Lady - WCOS

Gary Liniker - TV Stitcher - Chart, no key

Des and Mel - TV Stitcher

HMS Victory - Chart, no key.

Please email me - if you are interested in any of these.

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Poem four

Who needs reality
When we have insanity?
Don't pray to be sane
It'll all be in vain.
Just live as you are,
You'll get just as far.
Be yourself,
Not anyone else.

Poem three

Don't dismay when times are tough
There's hope around the corner
There will be a better day.

Hold on tight
Life is just a ride
Don't have fear
There'll soon be light.

Poem two

When times are tough
And troubles arise
Look ahead to the future
For soon it shall pass.

When hope seems to fade
And doubts surface
Keep looking ahead
Nothing lasts forever.

Stay strong through the bad times
And hold on tight
A little bit of courage
Shall see you through the night.

Poem One - Fields

I still remember our secret place
That field that keeps us safe
A field of wheat,
Where we can both meet
Anywhere, or anytime,
Just picture it and we're there.

It kept us safe and together,
It holds our secrets forever.
Somewhere safe
Was that place
That we both held dear
Just picture us holding each other